Artverse revolutionizes the way we engage with culture and art through Augmented Reality (AR). This pioneering app brings together immersive AR experiences from diverse cultural institutions, enabling users to interact directly with artworks and artifacts, thereby fostering a deeper personal connection with cultural heritage. Artverse serves as a multimedia guide into new dimensions, merging interactive technology with traditional cultural exploration.

Interactive Experiences

Artverse redefines cultural engagement by blending innovative interactive experiences with classical audio guides, enriching the appreciation of art and culture.

Multimedia guide

Visitors control their journey, choosing multimedia guide content at their own pace, for a tailored exploration of cultural treasures.

Custom CMS

Our bespoke Content Management System (CMS) offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly curate and update content to keep the experience fresh and relevant.

Flexible Content Control

Enjoy the freedom to directly edit and authorize content, engaging your target audience in a collaborative curation process.

Download our App

Download the «Artverse» app from the links above and click on «Images to scan» to view examples directly in AR.
Images to scan



You can choose from different features, according to your needs.

Diverse Media Content

Enrich your exhibitions with a wide range of media: audio, video (including transparent), images, GIFs (including animated), 3D objects, and text, for a comprehensive narrative experience.

Unlimited Content Possibilities

Add an unlimited number of different contents to each artwork to tell its story in diverse ways.

Thematic Tours for Every Audience

Create individual experiences with multiple thematic tours, specially tailored for different target groups.

Interaction with Social Media

Allow your visitors to immortalize their experiences by sharing photos on social media.

Insights Through Analytics

Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior with anonymized, quantitative analyses of user interactions with the content.

Multilingual Platform and CMS

Overcome language barriers by making both the app and the content management system multilingual, to reach an international audience.



The following images and videos show the software Artverse with content from our customers in action.

3D objects in AR - freely placing the Freisicht cottage in the garden.

How do the same shapes appear with different colors?

«Bitfabrik» - Artverse is suitable for use in workshops.

A holiday course for 9-14 year olds - shaping your own world in three dimensions and bringing it to life with Augmented Reality.

«Renoir unplugged» in the Museum Langmatt.

3D scan with Artverse available at any location.

«Magical Windows» - a comprehensive AR tour through the collection of the Aargauer Kunsthaus.

«Art Catch» - rediscovering works of art in public spaces in the city of Winterthur.

«Renoir unplugged» in the Museum Langmatt.



Pricing for Artverse and V:Culture


Free access for 3 weeks
  • Full access to Artverse, V:Culture and CMS
    100 MB disk space
  • Trial access
  • Intro
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CHF 99 / month
CHF 999 / year
  • All in Trial plus:
  • 1 GB disk space
  • 500 views / month
  • Listed / Public tours
  • Custom rooms (V:Culture)
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CHF 250 / month
CHF 2'700 / year
  • All in Basic plus:
  • 5 GB disk space
  • 5'000 views / month
  • Multiple languages
  • Fully customizable
  • Dedicated support
  • Analytics & reporting
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