FHNW - Digital Practice
An online offer for teachers and facilitators. In addition to input on the creative use of computers and coding, the luncheon offers the opportunity to ask practical questions about the use of digital tools and to find hands-on solutions. Be it in the area of creative computing, interaction design, linear or immersive video, etc., the content is determined by the participants!
Aargauer Kunsthaus - AR Workshops
A vacation workshop on and with augmented reality took place over the period of three days in Aarau. Each day we walked through the exhibition with a different view and then made our ideas and interpretations visible with AR.
BitFabrik - @Home
A collection of ideas and tools to explore and get to know the internet and computers. Terminal games, website hacking, hiding secret messages in pictures and much more.
ZHAW / GRS - Future Career Day
Together with ZHAW and GRS, we offered an augmented reality workshop in the context of the Future Career Day. Two independent groups of girls created new AR experiences with our varcu software and animated the ZHAW premises in funny and colourful ways.
eduLAB Basel - Digital Day 2021
On the occasion of the Digital Day 2021, at eduLABTM Basel children and young people created playful videos of themselves, using greenscreen to select the right background for their recordings and then slipping into new roles with a set of different disguises. In the mini-exhibition with printed stills, with the help of the varcu app visitors were able to bring the characters to life and get inspired for their own video ideas, TV shows, TikTok reviews and portraits.
HEK Basel - BitFabrik
Once a month on Saturday, we explore a new topic in the realm of digital design at the HEK - House of Electronic Arts. A workshop that offers a combination of design and programming, led by Anna Flurina Kälin and Natalie Frei.
Institute Arts & Design HGK Basel - CAS Kunst Kann
«Drawing with Code» by freisicht is part of the CAS Art Can, a continuing education programme of the Institute Arts and Design Education at the HGK Basel. It takes place for the second time in 2023. In a 2-ETCS workshop week, participants can create generative image creations with codes and get to know augmented reality.
Creaviva - Holiday Camp
3D unicorn in styrofoam forest. In the holiday course for 9-14 year-olds, the participating children were able to form their own world in three dimensions and bring it to life with augmented reality. They built a landscape out of various materials such as wood, plaster and styrofoam. The stories about their world and the figures and objects were realised in the form of a stop-motion film and projected into the fantastic world with Artverse.
HGK Basel - CoCreate
As part of the CoCreate week at HGK we run the coding workshop «Challenge Yourself». In the 2-ECTS module, students receive an introduction to design through programming.
Kunstmuseum Basel - Online / Offline
Online / Offline: Which Reality Do We See? A workshop on Augmented Reality with Anna-Flurina Kälin, art mediator and software developer. Free of charge, limited number of participants.
HEK Basel / Elementary School Zeihen
An artistic cooperation project between the elementary school in Zeihen and the HEK in Basel. freisicht accompanies the project by providing advice and giving workshop inputs. (Photo: Eliane Zgraggen)