Stadtmuseum Aarau - Townscapes

AARAU CITY VIEWS RECOMBINED «Townscapes» is an installation with two tablets and two projections, conceived and developed for the revised permanent exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Aarau. In one large room, three walls are curated with original historical photographs of Aarau. The fourth wall is dedicated to digital views of the city: visitors can assemble their own Aarau from photographs, paintings and graphics from the collection, thus connecting different areas of the city in a new way. The individually compiled historical views of the city are projected directly onto the wall by means of a beamer. In a map view, visitors can locate the images, and a gallery view allows them to browse through the entire stock of digitized views and sort them thematically as well as chronologically. The initial image swipe offers a fun way to access the images. What especially highlights the installation is that it allows both a very playful access and the possibility of profound research.

May 2023
Stadtmuseum Aarau
Concept, UX & UI Design, Usability Testing, App Development
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